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This post is for threading with Sokka anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals to get in contact with him for personal conversations.

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When Sokka woke up in the smithy, he was, to say the least, concerned. He had apparently died and gone to weapon heaven. And then of course, there was some horrible saber-toothed moose lion on the floor next to him. Feeling rather panicked, Sokka scooped up his boomerang (and the awesome looking sword next to it) and snuck out of the smithy without waking it up. Upon examining the boomerang, he noted it was strange how it had a few extra notches and scratches to it, like it had seen some rough times. That worried him.

The town proved even more mind blowing. It was huge. Buildings raising up beyond what he could imagine and there were so many people and houses. And not a single inch of snow. In fact, he felt rather hot and he immediately had to shed his parka. He felt lost and confused and was worried about where the rest of his tribe was. Where was Katara? Or Gran-Gran? He needed to find them. And thus he began to explore town, from one shop and house to another. Sneakily.

At some point, Momo comes landing on his shoulder. A nice lemur. A nice delicious lemur. Sokka easily catches it (since it doesn't resist).

"Mmm. Hello meat. You're just in time for lunch!"

And so with lemur in tow, Sokka made a short stop in the woods, making ready to start a fire and cook a lemur. It would be wise to stop him. Otherwise, he'll be searching the town for people from his tribe and you know, a reason for why he has wings now.

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Introspective Setup )


His first stop was at Katniss's house, where the wet and bedraggled Sokka rapped his fists at the door and hoped she would be the one to answer. Before anything else, he had to resolve their relationship.

His second stop was looking for his sister, Katara. He searched for her at the clinic first, since it was about the time she ought to be working there. By the time he found her, he felt close to falling over. But he needed to be certain he talked to her, regardless of how he felt.

By the time he made his way back home, the rain had let up for a few hours. He didn't feel better, but he'd at least put some food in himself courtesy of the vending machines at the Battle Dome. The first person he went looking for was Asami. She deserved an apology in person.

He ended up staying in his room after that, even though it would have been better to look for the others. The journal would have to do instead.



I haven't been myself for awhile now. I really messed things up. I... [There's a long pause as he finds himself at a loss for words.] I should have done better. I will, from now on. I owe apologies to a lot of you. If you'll let me, then tomorrow I'll come find you in person.

[There should be more. But he doesn't know what else to say. It's enough that his voice is weak and miserable without saying much more than that. So he leans back against the wall and keeps his journal open in front of him. Waiting for whatever they have to say in turn.]
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(Backdated to the 5th)

Sokka had returned from his mission on Katara's birthday, just as he had planned it. While he felt no particular feelings towards his sister, it would've been a sign of good will to show up, prove to her he could act like a decent person, and dismiss the entire idea of getting his death penalty removed. It seemed like a fairly solid plan in his mind. After all, she'd never try to do something like that, right? Katara would always be honest with him. Heart or no heart.

And so Sokka strolled through the tunnels to head back home. But just as he reached the ladder, an arm pulled him back down. He turned around and found it to be a metal arm, belonging to a droid. Realizing that he was about to be kidnapped for experimentation, he fought back. They'd stopped them once before, why not this time? Sokka reached for his sword, but another droid restrained his arm. And soon the first had his remaining arm. Swinging his legs back to hit them in the legs proved pointless other than to injure his heels. Still he struggled even as they dragged him away in the direction of John's side of the tunnels.

He uttered a curse before one of them proceeded to knock him out.

It was time to get fixed.
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Background introspection stuff )

It's mid-day when Sokka returns to town and he's still wearing the cowboy hat he took to the Depot with him. Maybe it doesn't exactly mesh with the Water Tribe clothes he's accustomed to, but he likes it. The hat makes him feel gritty and intimidating. He'll eventually get tired of hat hair, though. Just not today.

So today for his time spent back in Luceti, he heads home to greet whoever might be there. He checks in Foo Foo, the saber toothed moose lion he received from Christmas. It's getting quite big now, having reached the size of medium-sized dog. The tips of his antlers are even starting to become a bit more visible. Although the animal does seem quieter around Sokka, its at least obedient and follows him as he goes about Luceti. For today that includes the Smithy until evening, the Library for an hour, back at House 56 for dinner, and then out in the forest to try and teach Foo Foo to hunt.

The next morning, he makes sure that Okita Souji will meet him for their training session. Sokka is looking forward to seeing the results.
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[After ditching Ed in the tunnels, Sokka has had some thinking to do. He's lost Suki and now he's lost Edward. His relationship with other people has seemed strained too. When it comes down to it, he doesn't particularly feel bad about this, but he is worried about ending up alone. Being alone is bad. But then, so is the life he had before. Well, if the journals are good for one thing, it's for sorting out dilemmas without giving yourself away. So he heads to the journal, disguises his handwriting, and asks:]

[Written (Disguised)]

If you were changed in a way that made you happier, but pushed other people away, would it be worth staying that way? I mean, it's not worth it to make yourself miserable just for the sake of other people, right? That'd be ridiculous.

[Yeah. Totally ridiculous. That was stupid of him to even ask. He stares at the page, shakes his head, and pushes it away. Later he'll reply to it, but for now, he decides to do work instead of wallowing in pointless contemplation.

For people who might want Sokka in person, he's up to his usual routine.]
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All the stuff that happened before )

Hey Luceti. Looks like I got back in time for the new feathers to roll in. I'm Sokka. Hope you guys are settling in fine! I run the Slash 'n Crash, the local smithy and weapon shop. I make most of the weapons here. I do take commissions if people want stuff. But since there's no money, just talk to me and we can work out a trade. No point in breaking your back for nothing, right?

Anyway, did I miss anything important?

[For the rest of the day, Sokka can be found at the smithy. Later he does about an hour of catch up work at the library, before going home to dinner. Remarkably enough, he doesn't feel like drinking today.

Today is a good day.]
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Grocery shopping with Foo Foo )


So. How exactly do you teach an animal not only to stop chewing on your valuables, but also to do their business outside? You know, without actually keeping them outside all the time. [A pause as he looks over at Foo Foo.] At least while they'll still fit in the house.
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(ooc: Catch all for my characters. Put the character you want to tag in the subject line please!)

Sokka is still not exactly in the greatest mood. As a result, he's trying to just ignore the fuss and stick to the smithy. When he's not there, he can be found at home or maybe ducking into the wood.

Logan is going to just ignore everything forever and be in the Battle Dome. Of course, the usual rules don't apply. Which means his Danger Room sessions are bound to be interrupted. Later, if he gets a chance, he'll try to find a seat in Good Spirits.

Ganondorf has no use for these fools! Except maybe someone can be useful. Which means he does go into town and can be found in the plaza, watching intently as people come and go. Unfortunately he's starting to think they're all useless.
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Boring introspection )


Three years. That's how long it was now. Sokka sat outside the house, snapping his finger as he tried to summon a spark of Eferin's fire. As he expected, he'd lost it. Not for good, perhaps. But he'd stopped practicing and stopped communing with the spirits. It was little surprise. It was tapping into Tsinku's power that got him toasted. He'd spent so much time invested in other things, that he just lost his connection with the spirits. With a small bit of reluctance, he relied on his zippo lighter instead. It was sufficient to start the fire. It was nothing much, really. Just wooden scraps, paper, cardboard, and other accumulated materials that had started clogging up parts of the house. Most of it was Sokka's own junk. So rather than just throw it out and let the Malnosso deal with it, he decided to just make a fire instead. He realized, of course, he was doing it in the same fire pit that he had used when Suki went home.

Three years. Today was a normal day. Sokka spent the first half of his day at the smithy. With Hiccup on the mend after that particularly painful surgery, it left Sokka as the only one who did the maintenance on the weapons. New Feather season was, at least, gone and done with. He hadn't received any commissions in a while, so it left him with time to start on some new projects. Things he expected would be gifts later. For lunch, he put extra jalapenos on his sandwich. Just like Elisa made them. The nice thing about the smithy was that despite how cold it was, you could sit outside in front of the open door and still be warm from the radiating heat of the furnace.

Three years. Sokka spent dinner at home, as he was supposed to. Then he did some alchemy research at the library. It left the evening free, but he figured there was a particular girl who would be occupying his time. That was the nice bit. It was a long trail and a heavy education. But you could forget when you were around a person who didn't know it yet. Then it was just another day. The twist was that he didn't mind. Education or not, Sokka was happy enough.

((ooc: This post is just a typical 'day in the life of' sort of deal. This is what his schedule looks like. Mostly it's self indulgent. Sorry about that!))
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[Two weeks. It's a long time to be on a mission, but Sokka has no regrets. The mess with Kin'cora had gotten to him and he found a kind of relief in working with other people from other enclosures. There was a lot of talk among him and the others. He spread the word. Maybe it wouldn't do Luceti much good, given he learned very little, but the more the others knew, the better. But boy was he glad to be back in Luceti. When he emerges from the tunnels at around 6PM, he's tired out from a hard day of work, but it's a good kind of tired. He makes going home his first priority. He'll miss dinner, inevitably, but with any luck there's leftovers. Catching up with the others takes a few hours before he ever breaks away to wander the village.

What's on the agenda? Hitting up the smithy to see where things are at. He never got to find out how much was lost after the Kin'corans left, so it's time to see if one of his minions smithy buddies took an inventory. And you know, he wants to check in on them too. That's cool. Also, he heads to Good Spirits because he was informed very sternly by one of his buddies on the mission that the only proper way to end a hard day's work is a good stiff drink. Sokka, the adult that he is, was inclined to agree. THAT IS HIS ENTIRE DAY.

But there is another.]


[Sokka wakes up and does his usual morning routine and goes to NOT the smithy, but the BATTLE DOME. That's right. Record scratch. After talking to the main console for awhile, he heads into one of the rooms and in something that takes some finagling at first, he starts... building a sub. A holographic sub. One that is small enough to fit into his hand, but can expand if he gives the command, so he can work on specific details. It's like working on a blueprint, but in 3D. His nights on his mission had been spent trying to recreate the submarine made by the Mechanist. He's been steadily improving on the design, specifically built to be powered by waterbending, but done in a way to streamline the process and make it faster. And sturdier. He's not sure it will be easy to build with Luceti's technology, but...

Well, Haruhi got him excited. And he spends the better half of the day on this. Because of the Dome time limit, he's constantly seen going in and out to restart the program or grab a snack. For those hoping to fight, this is probably annoying, since there's only six chambers that tend to get used a lot. At one point during the day, he loses the dome to some short and grumpy guy, so Sokka turns to the journal.]

Has anyone really tried the stuff in these vending machines before? I mean, I usually just get a soda or something, but this stuff is amazing. Like... look at these. [He lifts up an oreo to the camera.] It's two cookies, but with some kind of paste between them. But the paste tastes like sugar! And then there's these! [Sokka lifts up an red lump of candy.] Apple gels. They're great, although I don't think they taste like real apples. There's something unusually refreshing about them. I had about ten just now and it made my fingers all tingly. Actually, I'm kind of feeling tingly all over and-- [Sokka looks away and spots something else] Oh! And check this out! [He pulls out a WORM. A multicolored worm.] It's a CANDY worm. I was thinking I could use it for fishing, but it's actually kind of tasty. Oh, and then there's these fished shape crackers...

[He'll go on like this for awhile. People can listen or ignore him, but he'll be casually highlighting the awesome contents of the Battle Dome vending machines.

He'll be coming home later with the stomach ache from hell.]
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[The house was demolished. And apparently it didn't have the decency to start putting itself together again. Not to mention the whole town was soggy. Most of Sokka's stuff in his room had been damaged. Some of it was salvageable, much of it he had to just throw out. His important valuables were in the basement and though there was a few inches of water down there, his stuff was up high and out of reach. Still, another mess to clean. At least there were two waterbenders in the house to clean that up. For a lover of stuff, Sokka was pretty put out by it. He hadn't been able to sleep in his room because of it. In a way though, he couldn't be upset. It felt right. Like starting over.

And then there was the smithy. Or what was left of it. The whole thing was rubble now. He wasn't even sure if there was a point in trying to pick through it. Best to wait until the Malnosso fixed it, right? It was freeing up his schedule considerably, anyway. At least he was back to his normal practice schedule in the mornings. Even if two straight weeks of combat had left him... weary of it, to say the least. All the same. He found himself to be glad to be back in Luceti. Back in the library, studying his alchemy. Sure, he lost all his notes and would have to start over, but it would be easier since he already knew what needed to be done again. Still. There was so much to go over.]

A guy can't leave for a few weeks without the town getting demolished, huh? Anyway. So uh. A lot of stuff has happened this past week. If anyone wants to, you know, spare some of the good details? I'll be around. Interested. And if you want? I can tell you all about space. Which was pretty great.

[Very around. Like hanging out in the plaza around. No smithy kind of leaves him with no daytime hangout spot. Especially without Suki to spend time with. So besides his training and time at the library, he's very much a man with nothing to do. Evidenced by the fact he's sitting at a bench near the fountain, lazily sprawled out as he counts his one hundredth consecutive hit on a paddle ball. It's uncanny how good he actually is with it.]
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Cut for tl;dr )


Suki has been sent home. She's back where she belongs.

More blah blah blah )

[[ooc: Okay to sum it up, Sokka is being miserable around his house, but he's not straying far from it because he doesn't want to run into people. But people can seek him out and look for him if they want to. He will NOT be responding on the journal. So if you tag that way, he won't reply! (But maybe a housemate will? I haven't talked to them about that yet.) The day after, he'll be on a mission and gone for a few weeks.

Also, backdated to the 6th.]]
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[Today, Sokka starts out with some simple messages for the journal.]

I know this is pretty late, but... Luceti has a way of causing delays. I got a lot of orders two months ago and they're all finally finished. If you haven't already picked them up, then... well, you should do that. I think you'll be pleased. [ooc: if you want to assume they already picked this stuff up a while ago, that's fine too!]

So, now that it's nice and warm these days, how do people feel about... fishing? I just made my own fishing rod, so I'm thinking tomorrow morning? Fishing time. On the river, maybe. Or I could bring out one of the boats and head to the lake. Some company wouldn't hurt. As long as you're not the noisy kind. I uh, actually want to catch some fish.


[For today, Sokka works his regular shift at the smithy. From morning until the afternoon, he's at the smithy. There's not much to do now that he's done, so he straightens things out, hangs out on the couch with an alchemy book in his face, or if he gets bored with that... he reaches for his fishing rod under the couch and does a few practice casts. If he thinks no one will catch him doing it. Winry wouldn't approve. 8|

In the afternoon, he'll be around House 56 in the front and back yard, with a can of dirt and pushing over rocks and stones looking for worms underneath. A good fisherman needs his bait, after all! And he wants to be ready for tomorrow!]


[As soon as his sparring practice is over, Sokka sets himself up on the southernmost bridge in town. Sure, it's a little gloomy today, but still time to fish. He has a chair, he has a fishing line, he has a cold box to put fish in, and he has not shortage of snacks and drinks. About ten minutes into his fishing, he gets drenched. Watch as poor Sokka has to gather up his stuff and flee back home. Later when he has an umbrella, he dejectedly heads to the smithy to put in a few hours. And then a few more hours later at the library to do alchemy research. No fishing today. :(]


[After a rainy day and rainy night, Sokka wakes up to A BIG BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW. He'll try to rush through his morning training, that way he can head to the river west of his house and ready a canoe. With a clear sky above, he's going out to the lake for fishing. There's room enough for two, for anyone eager to join. Following that, he'll be out on the southern lake fishing, cooking fish on the shore for lunch, and enjoying a good solid day off. STRESS FREE.]
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Okay, I just need everyone's attention for a minute. At least, those of you who, you know, like weapons.

I'm Sokka and I guess you could say I'm in charge of the weapon shop and smithy. I've been working with Leon Geeste, who is a kind of master alchemist guy, to make even better weapons. With his crests and my weapons, we can add a kind of magical element to them now. For instance, a sword can be given a fire element and that will make the blade burn and make it deadlier. Or a spear could be given an ice element that will freeze around the target a little. And, you know, other stuff. There's earth, air, and lightning elements too.

Anyway, these aren't always the easiest things to make, but... if it's a thing you want, we can do it. We've got stuff already made, but we can do something custom too. But just be practical, right? Sure, we might be able to figure out how to put crests into a hundred arrows. But we might also decide to, you know, have social lives too. These crests work best with a single weapon that you'll keep reusing. I can uh, explain it better, if you need me to.

[With that announcement out of the way, Sokka will hang out at the smithy until dinner time. He wants to be there and ready in case anyone wants these cool new unique weapons. Unless, of course, no one shows up. In which case he'll be at his work desk converting his alchemy notes into code, which is proving to be his least favorite thing to do ever. He kind of hates Ed now for telling him he had to do this. But it's what he has to do if he wants to prevent the secrets of meat alchemy from falling into the wrong hands. Who knows what people could do with that kind of power!

After closing up shop and doing his usual dinner at home, Sokka will be unusually taking a walk around the village in the evening. He's actually got a lot on his mind and without smithing or alchemy to occupy his thoughts, he's stuck on the Masaomi problem. He's half hoping that he'll run into the guy on the streets, but he's still not entirely sure how to approach the problem. Before the evening's over, he'll end up at Good Spirits, concerned and drowning his thoughts into a nice tall glass of... hot chocolate. Because that's what men do. Drink tall cups of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and whipped cream.]

((ooc: Some more details on the crafted weapons can be found over here.))
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((ooc: Note! I'll be sharing this post with my other characters. Please note which one you are tagging in the subject line!))

[Even though many of these people are currently away on missions, somehow they manage to end up in Luceti in their old haunts, unaware that they shouldn't be around.

Sokka is in the smithy, doing his usual work. Kurt Wagner is hanging out in the Rec Center, kicking back to play games. Ling Yao is on the roof of a building watching all the new people in amusement. Ganondorf is short on patience and makes his way on horseback to the mountains until this is all over. Arthur is absolutely puzzled, having had no experience with experiments, and is looking for anyone familiar in the crowd.]
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Blah blah blah )

[It's the morning of the draft now and he's up early, heading to the smithy as early as six in the morning, for anyone with any last minute requests. There's not much he can offer besides sharper weapons and additional weapons (and the suggestion to stuck up on jerky), but it's the best he's got. When he has a moment to himself, he pops open the journal.]

So... this is the seventh draft since I've been here. It's kind of hard to believe it's been two years now. When I first showed up here, the worst we had to worry about was weird experiments and falling in love with people. Uh, but anyway, good luck to those of you going out there. Be sure to pack up plenty of extra food and water. A canteen and some jerky will go a long way. Oh, and I'm at the smithy if you something last minute. I can't make anything new, but I can get your sword sharpened if you need it.

... this snow is really starting to pile up. Maybe I should call it an early day.

[It's still dark outside that early in the morning, but he has. A feeling. It's windy and there's snow everywhere. If it picks up more, it might just become impossible to see outside. Once the draftees are gone, he figures he better stock up on (more) supplies. Even if he does already have tons of emergency food horded away back home.

Once the snow finally starts to heavily set in, he'll be marching through it LIKE A SOLDIER from the store back home, even through the middle of a blizzard. He could kick himself for getting caught in it. He's Water Tribe. He knows better. At least he'll eventually get back home in one piece.]

((ooc: This takes places in the hours before the draft starts, as well as during the blizzard. You can tag him the day before too. He'll be at the smithy doing the same thing.))
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[This morning, Sokka received a message through his journal. One he hadn't quite been expecting after everything that had happened last week. After pondering over it a bit, he inevitably was drawn to the journals to talk about it.]

You have to give the Malnosso credit. They drop a moon on the village and then they expect us to go show up to work for them like nothing ever happened. And it's... Farm Security. So I don't even get to do anything exciting. I get to a place I've already been, to make sure that 'our' food supplies don't get attacked. Yeah. That's great, "CJ". I'm really appreciating that. [He groans.] Well anyway, looks like I report at nine in the morning tomorrow. Apparently I'll be gone for five days. I'll take my journal, but apparently it won't work while I'm there. Guess I'll find out.

... so, I'm not the only one who signed up, right?

Oh. And Hiccup... keep an eye on the smithy. [Normally he'd ask Winry to do that. But things are a little... different with them lately. So he's not exactly jumping at the chance to go and have a public conversation with her. Or private, really.

For anybody who wants to run into him, Sokka will be doing his normal stuff at the smithy. He's making some preparations for needing to fight, since at this point he has only the Malnosso's word that this is less dangerous than a draft. Even though it's starting to get too cold for it, he'll eat his lunch out in the plaza like he always does. Other than that, he'll be spending his day as normally as he can. Come home for a normal dinner, tell some bad jokes to his housemates, and spend some time with his gal. In the morning, he'll head out.]
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[Well, apparently the experiment was over. Sokka was glad for that. He was also in his rightful body. He had to suffer a kiss from Haruhi for it, but that seemed worth it to have his body back. A small price to pay and all that. That meant that with all the madness over, he could finally get back to work. He felt rusty, but once he was back in the smithy, everything just felt right. But he also didn't have much in the way to work on, which meant he was going to have to make a courtesy call to Luceti for work.]

So... that was one of the weirder experiments. But it was pretty harmless. I'd rate it about a three on the annoyance scale. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with all these costumes I ended up with. [Maybe he can give them to Shiki. Surely she wants loads of peasant clothes.]

Anyway, there's a weapon shop in town - the Slash and Crash. Yeah, I know, cool name. I came up with it myself. Anyway, things are slow-ish around here, so we're willing to take some requests and commissions for stuff. Or, well, I am anyway. I can't make guns or anything, but your swords and spears and stuff? We've got that. We can also do repair or maintenance work too. So... just let me know. Or come in. That works too.

[With that out of the way, Sokka starts fixing his work area, noticing now that Haruhi managed to get it a little out of order. He'll spend the rest of the day doing manly things, like staring at his reflection in the fountain and sometimes flexing just a little to remind himself he's no longer a tiny five foot tall girl. On the way home he stops to stare at the Brigade building, thinking back to being in charge there. He then decides obviously he doesn't miss that at all and goes to get some food. He might also be willing to help make dinner tonight. He's had a little practice this past month.]
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[Well, Sokka's in it deep now. After being forced to 'cover' for Haruhi in the Brigade, he went and made up some stupid party and now he needs to go public with it. Which... yeah, he is so not into doing. So, deep breath as he composes himself.]

Attention everyone! This is Haruhi Suzumiya, Chief of the SOS Brigade. [Okay, name and title down. He's got that. Now for the announcement.] As you should all be aware, the Autumn Equinox is September 23rd, that's eight days from now. It's also conveniently on a Friday as well. Which means we will be having a party for that. Although, technically, it might not really be the equinox. Different worlds, different planetary cycles, but that's not important. [It's getting too much into Sokka-esque technicalities] There's going to be a fall party, right in the plaza.

We will, of course, provide food and fireworks to make things interesting. If anyone wants to provide other entertainment like, say, music... have at it. The party will start at nine in the evening. Brigade members, you all know what to do! Failure to do your part will result in steep penalties all around.

[Aaaaand this is the part he hates most, but he knows it's inevitable.]

Also! We're recruiting. If you want to join the Brigade, contact me for an interview and can be... interviewed. If you like the idea of parties and other time wasting nonsense, this is probably the club for you.

[THERE IT IS DONE. Sokka will be sitting in the Brigade headquarters, after the meeting, to answer all these questions and generally hate his life. Later he'll hit up the grocery store to take some stuff 'home' for dinner. (And if that's not enough to work with, come up with something and we will MAKE IT WORK.)]

((OOC: Okay, just like last time, this is still a body swap plot! It involves some of Haruhi's reality bending powers, so it's not an experiment/Mallynapping thing. For those of you new here, it's all explained here. Replies will come from [ profile] wisebent.))
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[And now Sokka was a girl. Worse than that, he was Haruhi Suzumiya. After an enlightening conversation with that Malnosso girl, he and the real Haruhi had come to the unhappy conclusion it was better not to tell anyone what happened. Which Sokka hated the idea of, but the potential consequences of not doing it could be worse. Besides, if Haruhi could figure out how to fix all of this, he'd be back in his own body by tomorrow! Or a few days, anyway.

This, unfortunately, means having to live like Haruhi. And dress like her too. Girly top, a dress, and that stupid ribbon in his hair. As much as he wanted to just tie it all behind his head in a ponytail, she wouldn't let him do that. Can't blow their cover, after all. And then he has to follow Haruhi's schedule for things.

He leaves the house undetected that morning, eating breakfast on the go. This leaves him to try and do things that Haruhi would do. Which he is not at all thrilled about. Since he doesn't want to run into people, he ends up hitting the library to read about things that would help him be Haruhi. Like things about Japan. He'd never cared about Japan, but it seemed like he ought to know things on it by now.

After lunch (which he spends tucked away privately in the back of one of the restaurants), he swallows his anxiety and goes to visit Winry. But then he decides to look in on Shiki first at All Passions, like instructed. After that he'll warily enter the smithy, feeling oddly out of place there, to visit Winry. When these 'appointments' are finished, he'll arrive at the Brigade building. Early. Twiddling his thumbs until people arrive. Fortunately he wrote down a cheat sheet for who everyone actually is.

After the meeting (which is probably short), he'll be left with nothing to do for a few hours. That's when he opts to just hit the barracks and try to train. He'll be incredibly frustrated at the fact he seems to have lost his skill at just about everything. While he's not horrible, he's nowhere near his "A Game".

In the evening he faces the second worst part of the day - cooking. Being only skilled at cooking meat, he'll try his darndest to make a decent meal. It will be edible Shiki and Beat, don't worry. It will just be incredibly bland and very heavy on the meat. Sort of a boring exercise in chewing, really. Given that Katara has drilled family dinners into him, he'll be at the table expecting a group dinner.

Later in the evening he'll spend some time on the roof, grumbling about his fate, and working secretly on carving a piece of wood into a new boomerang. Day one was a nightmare. He doesn't think he's going to last another one.]

((OOC: Okay! So lots of teal deer up there. Hit him up at any time during the day. You can forward date stuff to later in the week if you want. His routine will be more or less the same the rest of the week. Replies will come from [ profile] wisebent!

MORE IMPORTANTLY this is a body swap plot! It involves some of Haruhi's reality bending powers, so it's not an experiment/Mallynapping thing. As explained here, this means that Sokka and Haruhi's friends shouldn't notice things being that odd. If they do, it's something they'd quickly dismiss. I hope you guys will play along!))
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[Well, there it stands in all its glory. Sokka has the journal camera facing away from him, showing off his new boat, that looks like this (or like this when full mast), sitting out in the water. For a lack of other vessels, two canoes are hoisted and secured on either side, those being the Aila and Maza respectively. On both sides of the ship is painted something like this (only less lazy and technically saying '海洋精神' but this is Luceti okay). After getting a good view of the waves crashing on it, Sokka turns the journal back around to himself.]

So there it is, The Ocean Spirit, it's finally finished. All thanks to Brave Vesperia and other people. So... yeah, thanks everyone. Good job. We'll have its maiden voyage soon. Speaking of which - Hey Toph, you mind coming out here and making a dock? It would be... well, a lot more convenient.

Anybody who wants to come out and check it out, just use the teleporter in the barracks. I'll be out here on the beach for awhile.

[END transmission. He'll be there for most of the day, until the evening when he heads home for the usual dinner time.]

((ooc: To everyone who volunteered their characters for this, including BV people... sorry I didn't get this more organized oocly. In any case, feel free to assume any tasks your characters might have done during the construction. It was a group effort!))
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[With things returning to some semblance of normality in Luceti, things are still... awkward at home for Sokka. After revealing Yue's fate to her, he hasn't really known how to touch on that issue with her. It's not easy telling your first love that you had to move on because she basically died. It wasn't fair to her. But there was no way of fixing it. Which is what brings him to Hiccup's house today in order that he might procure a dragon. For what purpose?

He and Toothless will be on the riverside, where Sokka will be fishing. Whenever he catches something, he'll take a moment to examine it, then toss it over to the dragon to quickly consume. Momo, who is unfortunately present for this, is mostly keeping his distance from the dragon while making many valiant attempts to rob Sokka of his bait. This trio can be found on the western side of the river, northeast of Building 5 where the wooded area gives them some sense of seclusion, even if they can be easily spotted from the other side.

Sometime during the fishing, he breaks out the journal to do some business.]

[Filtered to Shiki]

Hey, Shiki? Umm... so, ignoring the me acting weird part the other day, I have a question about the uniforms. It looks like Suki got more recruits than I expected.

[Filtered to the Kyoshi Warriors]

Hey, this is Sokka. I'm Suki's boyfri-err, fiancee. I know a lot of you already, but anyway, I'll be getting you guys your fans once I figure out how to make them. If there's any other requests for that kind of thing... just let me know. Seriously, weapons are my thing. I work at the smithy, so... I can probably make or find whatever you want. Really.

And uhh... don't be surprised if someone named Shiki contacts you about uniforms later. Cuz... that might happen. Maybe. Just a warning.

[Filtered to Brave Vesperia (and anyone working on the boat project)]

Shouldn't be much longer to get finished. A week, maybe? We can start moving all stuff through the teleporter at the end of the week and start assembling it at the beach. Just keep an eye out for a certain pirate. I think Jack might try to do something. He was umm... not happy about the being left out of the loop thing. Just so you know.

[Sokka has no public message to make beyond that. His housemates and co-workers can catch him on his way home or just contact him by journal, since he filled them in on his plans earlier. Or they can bug him while he fishes like everyone else. He'll be coming home just in time for a special surprise from Katara.]
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{So Sokka is in a dilemma. Here he is, his usual lunch spot sitting on the stony edge of the fountain, eating his sandwich, when it occurs to him that he's had a ham-and-turkey--and-roast-beef-with-cheese-and-jalapeno sandwich for three week consecutively. And that's only because three weeks ago Hawky flew away with his sandwich before he could eat it. As he realizes he has little to no desire to finish this half eaten sandwich, he realizes his life needs a CHANGE. Something different. Exciting. A way to make his mundane existence in Luceti worthwhile again. Naturally he turns to the journals.]

Okay, so, I'm sick of eating the same old stuff for lunch. Sandwiches are great, really, but I've been eating them for a year now. I think I need more variety in my lunches. Any ideas? It can't be... complicated or anything. Believe it or not, cooking is not exactly my thing. So, anyone got any ideas that don't include visiting Seventh Heaven every day? Or the other restaurants, either. No offense to them, but... I dunno. No offense, either way.

{Unless it's for something special, Sokka just doesn't buy into making people work for him without recompensation.

He chews on his sandwich a bit more, then decides to add:]

Anybody like fishing? I mean... maybe not so much the net fishing. Just line fishing. Or spear fishing, I'm good with that too. It's actually been awhile since I caught my own dinner, now that I think about it.

[For you action folks, catch Sokka at his usual haunts. The smithy, around House 56, around the plaza, or beside the barracks, working on the lumber Moro provided into usable material for his boat. LOUD POWER TOOL SOUNDS, RAR HAR HAR.]
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[When Sokka opens the journal, he does it with a very specific purpose and yeah, maybe it's New Feather season and the aftermath of some dumb experiment, but he has some news that he's been sitting on for awhile. News that only two or three people outside of the Avatar house are even aware of. So today, around lunch period at school, Sokka heads around the building, facing the playground, to make an announcement he'd been putting off for a bit. Not because he didn't want to make it, but it was hard to do it with people being all ragey with the Malnosso. Maybe a few days of New Feathers will have cooled them off?]

Hey everyone. So... this is actually a few weeks late, but uh, that experiment kind of got in the way and New Feathers showing up and... anyway. Forget all that.

If you guys happen to see Suki around town, say hi to her for me. After all, she's the future Missus Thunderaxe. [He allows that to sink in a bit.] Because, you know, we're engaged now. Just saying. Nice pretty necklace and everything. One of my best works, if I do say so myself.

[Yeah, yeah. He's feeling good about that, okay. Like, solid. Whatever that means. Anyway, he decided that tonight he is making dinner. That means he's going to the grocery and stocking up on steaks. He wants to make steak burgers, because he's heard about them (somewhere) and they sounded awesome. From Luceti he had decided he liked steak and he liked hamburgers, so a combination? Gotta be a winner. Nevermind that he's just getting regular old steaks and plans to just put those on a hamburger bun. He'll realize the bones are gonna be a problem later on.

He'll make his customary appearance at the smithy to help New Feathers with weapons. He'll also be around school during the appropriate times for that. In the evening, after his dinner fiasco, he'll be down by the river, on the southern end of town, making some modifications to see if he can't make it sea worthy. Like adding a sail. He's pretty unsatisfied with the results though. Looks like he may need to just make a new boat from scratch. Which necessitates another voice post in the evening. But only after excluding a certain pirate. No offense, Jack, but he wants his own boat.]

[Filtered from Jack Sparrow]

So... ship building. Anyone want to help make one? A big one. Not huge, just... sea worthy with a nice strong sail. And good for bringing in lots of fish, too. Any help would be good. Just materials would go a long way.
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[Today? Sokka is at the smithy. Honestly, are we really surprised by this? Seriously, this is kind of his thing. He is waiting for Winry, though. He wants her input on a project.]

It's been two weeks since the equinox. And we're finally getting a break from all the rain. Funny how the new season just kind of Springs up on you like that, am I right?

[Oh Sokka, you are hi-lar-ious. He wipes a tear from his eye even, pleased that he managed to let such a well-seasoned joke be released into the wild. Oh, speaking of wild.]

No but seriously, now that it's getting that time of year, how many people out here hunt and fish? I know, I know. Boo hoo, the talking animals. I've heard it. But is there anyone here besides me who still does that kind of thing?

[Also, lately Sokka is keeping a new little trinket in one of his pockets. It's something he intends to give to someone at the right time. After the small blunder of forgetting to bring it on Suki's birthday, he's keeping it all the time on him now. So even as he's walking away from home, he'll often put his hand in his pocket to make sure it's still there. He probably won't show it to just anyone, though.]
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[Today a not-so-unfamiliar face returns to Luceti. He is by no means happy about being here, stuck as he in a pair of New Feather pants. His old stuff? Doesn't quite fit. After all, it was clothes for a seventeen year old, not a nine year old. Maybe this 'little kid' would be happier about this if not for the fact he wasn't a mere four foot six just a week ago. He wears the indignant face of someone not at all content about being so short. He is not a happy little kid.

After waking up behind one of the stores, he goes to the clothing store first to put something on, going to the oft-neglected kid's section of the store. As it turns out, there's not many little boys in Luceti. At least not his current age. Refusing to wear girl clothing, he opts for an oversized tunic and pair of shorts that he secures with a belt. It looks even more ridiculous than the alternative. After that, he'll be on his way to House 56. After letting his housemates know he is home (and finding out about a new arrival), he decides that a mallynapping isn't going to stop him, so he heads to the smithy later to try and get work done. He may drop in on school for at least one class today, because he's trying his best to pretend this is all normal.

At some point in the day he leaves a written message, cautious to keep away from the view screen.]

Sokka here. I'm back from another kidnapping. So if you need anything at the smithy or anything, let me know. I'll get it done.

((ooc: Action him up at any point. Multiple timelines are fine here. And yeah, it's Sokka in a nine year old body, but his normal Sokka mind. He only looks cute. Replies will come from [ profile] southernsprout))
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[One day before his second draft. Also his second birthday in Luceti. Funny how things work out. Not that he's thinking much about the second part. He's aware of the fact he's seventeen now, but there's more important stuff to attend to today.

First on his agenda? He has 'presents' for Suki and Katara. Although they're not really typical presents. Just new weapons to help them out in the battle. He may have been saving them for a later occasion, but there's no point in that now. After his morning workout (whether it's with Master Souji or on his own), he'll have to go tracking the two of them down to make the delivery. After that, he'll also be tracking down Haruhi, most likely to her house, to deliver a certain bird into her care.

Since he's neglected it for the past week, he'll spend most of the day at the smithy. No doubt a lot of people are going to want to drop in and want to get their weapons sharpened before the big battle. He can't let Ed have all the fun, right?

At some point during the day, he decides to try and keep things light (yet slightly morbid) with a question for the journals.]

So, I guess tomorrow we get to find out if the meat we eat is also the talking kind too. Anyone have any messages they want me to pass on to next week's steak dinner?
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[Sokka has some messages to knock out of the way. He doesn't bother with a filter for the first one, mainly because he feels like being somewhat of a jerk and making light of Haruhi's ridiculous relationship with her 'minions'. In spite of that, Sokka's tone is pretty flat. There's no excitement here and it's pretty obvious through the message something is bothering him.]

Hey Haruhi, feel free to send Naoki over. He can do his thing now. [Oh wait...] Uh, after Leon takes a look over it, I guess.

[Wonder Woman // Locked]

Uh, hey Diana. Can I ask a favor?

[This last one he almost backs out of doing. But it's been a few days now and things haven't changed. Maybe this will help.]

[Filtered from Housemates (and Haruhi as an afterthought)]

So... hypothetically speaking, how do you make up it up to someone you really care about for something that really hurt them when what you did... there was nothing you could do about it?

[With things so awkward at home with Suki, Sokka has been spending less time there. It's hard to spend time with your girlfriend when she's still upset with you, but being polite about it. So this leaves him working at the smithy for longer hours, actually doing homework at the library, and once more taking part in his neverending quest to find a hat that really says Sokka to him. Through all this, he is accompanied by a certain cheeky lemur hanging around on top of his head, shoulder, or getting into things he shouldn't.

He will, at least, drag himself home for dinner. Delicious, awkward dinner.]
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[Sokka woke up feeling a little odd, as most people have this event. Looser clothing, his hair practically unmanageable, and everything seeming just a little bit bigger. As he stumbles his way to the bathroom, he also can't help but feel something is missing. It becomes all to obvious what when he take care of his morning business with the throne of porcelain. After some yelling and flailing, Sokka soon discovers an all too familiar face in the mirror. One that most certainly is not his.

After this initial shock, it takes Sokka awhile to work up the nerve to break into his girlfriend's room and steal some of her clothes. Maybe it's a good thing she's not here, because she would KILL HIM. Even if he's doing his best not to look. After initially putting his hair into a typical wolf tail, he decides it's definitely not the right look for this body and stumbles through putting it up how it's supposed to be.

Eventually he works up the nerve to just... leave. No one knows Suki is kidnapped, right? Well, not many people. Maybe he can get away with just pretending to be Suki and avoid having the inevitably mockery of having been turned into a girl. Oh yes, this plan is flawless. Before heading out, he catches Raine's school announcement, prompting a response of:]

No school? Thank goodness! Wasn't going to go anyway.

[Oops, didn't mean to record that. But he takes off, to do some of his normal stuff. Drop by the smithy (he'll sadly have to explain things to Winry and Edward), pick up food at the store, and maaaaybe swing by the clothing store and pick up some girly clothing so he doesn't have to run around in Suki's stuff. He's dressed in Suki's typical Earth Kingdom apparel, although he does curiously have his sword and boomerang in addition to a pair of fans at his side. And of course, the ever ubiquitous bag of holding that on his new body, looks more like an oversized purse. Yeah, this plan? It cannot fail.]

((ooc: tags from [ profile] swordsandfans))
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[This Lucetian has been returned from the Malnosso, after not too long a stay with them. He's kind of bruised up and is leaning on his left leg a bit much. But you'd never notice it from that kick in his step. With a big grin on his face, he's walking from the north end of the plaza on his way home, looking all around him at all the snow the recent snow storm left. And those icicles hanging on the trees! Beautiful! What a winter wonder land he's found!

And look, is that a stray squirrel in his path? Sokka will happily say hello to it until it runs away on twitch reflex. Oh well, that squirrel had important things to do! And that stray cat. And that deer. And that bird and- oh, he must be in the woods. Time to go back to the village. You know what? Despite not feeling all that well, after he gets to House 56 and informs his sister and girlfriend and that wonderful old chap from the Fire Nation he's home, he's got other places to visit. He has to let his friends know he's home. All his friends. Like his smithy buddies. His Straw Hat friends. People he's met randomly at the smithy when they go work orders. Xion, of course requires a visit. He doesn't exactly know where Frey lives these days, but darnit if he isn't going to work out and drop in on him too. He doesn't exactly feel bad about his argument with Haruhi. It was all a silly misunderstanding. So he'll just drop in on her too. And his teachers and, oh, did he ever find out about Regal's proposal? And then there's the pirate the slayer and other friends and... yeah, catching up with everybody is kind of an all day thing. He'll drag himself home that night.

Oh, but fortunately before he arrives at home, he does leave a voice message for everyone.]

Man, everyone says those Malnosso people are real jerks. I don't know what they're talking about. The dropped me off near town, gave me my clothes back - with all the holes I put in it stitched back, thank you very much, and were even nice enough to make sure I was clean shaven before dropped here. These are good people, am I right? Right? Right?

((ooc: If not completely obvious, the Malnosso have returned Sokka from his kidnapping lacking in ANY kind of negativity. There is no downside to ANYTHING. He is perpetually happy. He still, of course, loves his jokes and sarcasm. But he's happy, happy, happy. He's having a wonderful time! This will last until... well, however long it takes for Sokka's happiness to make me start vomiting.]
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[Sokka's day will involve a few things. One of them won't include shoveling all the snow out of the way of his house. It's not that he's lazy, but when his sister can take care of that in less than a minute, why even bother? Later his day will involve working on important things at the smithy, like the metal casing for a certain teleporter. And maybe some weapons or the key-shaped variety. Or helping New Feathers find their weapons so they can go about being dangerous. He'll also do lunch in the plaza... maybe do some shopping.

But why dwell on the bad parts? Before his kidnapping, Sokka is available for running into. Also, in light of the fact the snow is coming down pretty hardcore today and is, frankly, almost a blizzard, he feels inclined to make a voice post in the middle of the day.]

You know, we had that big blizzard about the same time last year. Well, not big big. I've seen bigger. But we had a lot of people get stranded out in that stuff. Actually, I met a lot of people being stranded at the Straw Hat's place... Uh, anyway. Yeah, blizzards. Bad stuff. Better make sure you got a lot of food at home, just in case.

[Hours later, on his way home, he'll meet some delightful metal men who will proceed to knock him out and drag him off, being nice enough to leave his sword and boomerang in the snow.]
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[Sokka is still out at the ocean, only with the Gaang and those Ferines ladies. It's a bit cold, but hell, it's the ocean and camping out in front of it is pretty awesome. Good thing he came crazy prepared for it. Except for, you know, a boat. So much for seafood. If for some reason you're in that vicinity, feel free to pester him. But as he gets a chance, he opens up the journal for catch up with people on the other side of the mountains.]

Well the ocean isn't going anywhere, I don't think. But it's not getting any bigger, so I guess Luceti won't be flooding. Good news? Now I just- [A lemur suddenly crowds the screen and Sokka has to shoo him off.] NO! Momo, the journal isn't for sitting on.


Anyway! Now I just have some of my canoes over here... I wonder if that teleporter-building guy can get a new one out here or something? Or maybe if there was a railway over the mountains... or in the tunnels! Too bad there's no airships around here, that would make things easier. If Appa was still around, the trip back would be a lot easier...

So... how's things? Back in the village and stuff.

[ooc: backdated to the the 20th]
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Wow guys... the ocean, the ocean is amazing. I forgot what it's like to see the sunrise over the ocean.

[Sokka, along with the rest of the Gaang and some others that accompanied him, is out by the ocean, having settled in despite the cold weather. What's a little thing like being nowhere in the middle of nowhere to keep him from being harassed by everyone?]

((ooc: This post is a joint post for the Gaang! So expect to see Sokka, [ profile] markofthebrave, [ profile] barefoot_bender, and [ profile] sokkafangirl in this post! Feel free to tag any of the harassment posts or start a new thread and try to net all four!))
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Hard to believe it's December here again. Looks like the snow is letting up from the snowstorm yesterday. [It was snowing... just like, a year ago.]

[Filtered to Winry]

Hey, I've got something for you. Drop by my house later, okay?

[Today is his one year anniversary in Luceti. It's not exactly something to be happy about, as far as he's concerned. The only bright spot is him dwelling on the future he heard about from his 'future sister'. It's nice knowing that, eventually, he will get back home and have the kind of life he's been looking forward to. On the other hand, he can't help but wonder at the future painted by Xion. He never found out what his future was like for her... but he had a feeling he was in it. And the idea of being in Luceti after that long was just disturbing.

So it's with these thoughts that Sokka is busy hauling his canoes back to his house from the river bank, preparing them for winter storage where they won't get too damaged. Even though he could take them out for ice fishing, there's no point in damaging them. Once he's finished up with that, he decides to just take a walk around town. He's mostly taking note of how much has changed... or hasn't. In particular, he stops in front of House 2 and watches it a bit. He knows someone lives there. But he wonders if the walls are still purple from when he painted them. He thinks back to the party he had there with Toph. Some of the first people he ever talked to were gone now. Nash, Mayoi... and a lot more since he first arrived. After making some other stops at places that used to be important to him, mostly due to their old occupants, he heads on home.

... or at least that was the plan. He detours into the woods, to go hunting again after a month of not doing so. It's late in the season and there isn't much game to be had, but this is what he would be doing if he was home, in the South Pole, where he belonged. So he'll be taking his dinner under the tree canopy, slowly cooking a rabbit he brought down. Sure, Katara is probably making something tastier for dinner, but this... this feels more right. He'll make it back home before Zuko and the girls have time to start worrying.]
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[This morning, the Sokka that wakes up is not the one he was before. However as he gets out of bed, he soon recognizes the room he's in. He remembered it from two years ago... how did he get back here? How was he going to get back? With a sigh, he turns to his journal.]

What's the month and cycle here?

[Best to find out how long he's been gone. He soon finds some clothes that aren't too small on him and gets dressed, heading out to see what's changed since he's been gone from Luceti. Already he knows something is wrong. If he was sent home and brought back, all this stuff shouldn't be here. Maybe some people from home are here. Or maybe... maybe his sister is still alive here. He swallows hard as he exits his room, going to explore the house.

Later in the day, he'll be roaming town, now educated about what exactly is going on. He isn't too happy about it, but he can at least catch up with some old friends before he's sent home.]

((ooc: Avatar Sokka again! From his perspective, he left for his own world in August and has been gone for two years. He has all of his memories from prior to AU, thought it may take awhile for him to remember some people. Anyone regular Sokka met after August is completely new to him. Also, replies will come from [ profile] avatarsokka. Sokka is now eighteen, taller (5'10), and more built than his icons imply (Earthbending does that to you). He has since fixed his shoop beard.))
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When do we start getting some real snow around here? I've seen a little here and there, but the stuff practically melts by the time it hits the ground! My real birthday is in November, but not, you know, the one it is in Luceti. I won't actually be, you know, seventeen this month. That's not the point. But back home, we have some pretty good blizzards this time of year. I mean, sure, there's snow all the time back home, but November snow is... special? Kind of? I'm just hoping we don't have to wait until December for the real stuff. Sunshine and flowers are great and all, but it's getting kind of old by now, you know?

[Filtered to Poland and Shikamaru]

I have your orders ready. Sorry they're a bit late. But, you know how it is. Throw in some super strength, stupid costumes, and hallucinations and you get a little behind. But they're good to pick up.

[Filtered to Katie]

I finished the sword you wanted. You know, the one you were going to make? But never did? At two in the morning? Yeah, I have it. You should come pick it up.

[Having let everyone know his feelings about the weather, as well as work related updates, Sokka settles into the smithy to get some work done and meet anyone coming to pick up their orders. Afterward, he decides to have some fun in the Battle Dome. He can either be stopped on his way there from the smithy, or someone can meet up with him there.]
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[It was another day at the Avatar house. Well, minus the lack of Katara. Which meant a quiet breakfast. Too quiet. Suki and Zuko were quiet on their own. But Aang? That wasn't like him. So after cleaning up, he decides to go check on the weird bald monk. Only when he opens up Aang's room... it's an all too familiar sight. It's been emptied out completely. All that's left is the bed, furniture... and Roku's air glider. Again. They sent Aang back again. Barely even two months and he was already gone. It wasn't enough they had to take Katara, but now this...

He lingers for a few seconds, then grabs the staff and storms out of the house. That is, unless, Zuko or Suki happen to stop him first. Either way, he'll end up in the forest later. He and Momo are trying to find Appa, who they can't find either. What they do find, however, is the unusual carcass of a deer. It doesn't take long for Sokka to note that the wounds that killed it don't match any animal in his world or this one. With Momo acting skittish, he gives themselves some distance before opening his journal and writing a message.]

What kind of predator kills its prey with punctures to the skull?

((ooc: Sokka can be found leaving his house or in the woods at any point, the latter scenario will be with Momo on hand. Sokka is still dressed up like this. No wig, but his hair is down, since it refuses to stay in a hairtie.))
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[After being sent home in his own bed, Sokka had slept in a bit, finally had some real food and then went to see Suki. By now, he figures he should check to see how things went. Thus, he has a message to leave.]

Well that was a lousy week. How's everyone else doing? Did I miss anything?

Oh and uh. I think I might have to take the week off from the smithy. Maybe longer. That goes for training too.

[... yeah, that should do. He'll hang around town acting just a bit odd. For instance, very gently and very slowly opening the doors to shops. He doesn't bother going to the smithy. He's mainly just trying to stave off boredom due to the fact he really can't do much of anything now. Stupid Malnosso.]
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I guess that's it for the new people, unless it starts up again this month. Well, anyway, I'm Sokka. Or Sokka Thunderaxe as some have been known to call me. I'm fine with either one.

I run the smithy here in town, known as the Slash 'n Crash, along with Edward and Winry. They both work for me. [They don't, but this is some rather obvious trolling here.] So if you need any kind of weapons made, or sharpened, or you know... some other kind of odd job. I'm the go to guy for that. There isn't money, so... the stuff is free. But we do accept favors as payment! Or food. Or well, anything. Just ask for me, Sokka. That's with an okka. [Accept no substitutes.]

[Filtered to Raine]

Speaking of which, mind dropping by today?

[Filtered to Regal and Gelda]

Sooooo. [A beat.] How did it go?

[For you action lovers out there, Sokka can be found at his usual haunts. School, the smithy, eating lunch in the plaza, or generally hanging out around his house.]
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[As if Sokka hasn't had enough teleporting shenanigans... With the experiment going into its final hours in the early evening until midnight, Sokka is reappearing in quite a number of places. Bedrooms, closets, roofs, the middle of nowhere... it's all quite convenient. ((ooc: In other words, say where you want him to be and that's where he'll be!))

At one point, he falls into the southern lake. Right into the middle... going splash. After sinking quite deep from the height of the fall, he drags himself to shore, but only after he gets there does he realize he lost Boomerang to the bottom of the lake. After vainly attempting to dive for it several times, he'll be sitting on the edge of the lake looking generally defeated and pathetic at the failed attempts. The fact it's dark and cold don't even seem to bother him. Boomerang is everything to him. ((ooc: Retrieving it is locked to Razette, but others can certainly talk to him so long as they don't have the power to go dive for it themselves.))

He also, unfortunately, ends up in the mountains at about midnight. Come early next morning (post-event), an exhausted, bedraggled, and by now somewhat injured Sokka will be dragging himself into town from the plaza, on his way home. He looks pretty much horrible from how much the experiment has abused him.]

((ooc: please specify at which point you're running into him?))
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[The recent arrival of Hawky has Sokka remembering the Fire Nation. The old days... when Sokka was another person. When he was a man. A man with a beard. Not only that, but it's a rather warm day for September. Sort of like... a Fire Nation summer. And it just so happens, he has a beard. He always has a beard. So he digs out his long neglected Fire Nation clothes (which are tighter than he remembered them being), moves his hair up into a top knot, uses some red dye on his wings, and applies a layer of glue to his face and eyebrows, applying his beard and busy brows. Wang Fire is back.

He sets up a booth in front of the plaza. Beside him, on a special stand, is Hawky. Cleverly disguised as well, with a small fez (with a Fire Nation emblem) strapped on his head. He is, of course, giving free advice today. He even leaves a voice post on the journal, using a very deep voice that sounds nothing like Sokka.]

Fellow citizens of Luceti. Do you need... advice? If you do, talk to the great Wang Fire. Troubled romance, missing home, family issues, or even trouble deciding what to eat for dinner. I can help!

((ooc: Will be answering tags with [ profile] beardofthewise. And yes, canonically, this is actually a convincing disguise. >.>))
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[Locked to Brave Vesperia]

Hey- it's Karry, right? The guide says your guild does odd jobs and stuff like that. You guys still in business?
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[See Sokka. See Suki. See Sokka and Suki but fully dressed. Despite having friends going around dying, getting injured, or what have you, nothing will dampen his warrior spirit... at having his girlfriend around. Which is why he's called off work so he can spend the day with her and show her off to the doubters. This means he'll be dragging her off to stores for ~shopping~ for whatever happens to look cool, interesting, or highly collectible. Or for lunch, eating at Seventh Heaven at a seat by the window naturally.

Pity Suki as she is dragged all through town and maybe even a little outside of town by her over enthusiastic boyfriend. He means well, really. Before this, however, he leaves a message on the journals. One of superb importance not only for his fellow workers, but for his fighting instructors as well. And friends maybe. And people who might happen to be fans. It's been known to happen.]

I am taking the day off. Because I have someone way better than some old smithy. [Indeed, that's all he had to say. He's worked at the smithy every day for two weeks now, so he's ready for a break. And Suki is way better, so he's not just saying that.]

((ooc: forward dated to tomorrow for less angst. I hope. Action tags will be tagged by Sokka and Suki, so beware!

Note: Please follow the order of Your Character > Sokka > Suki!))
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[Changing back suddenly had been something of a shock. His counterpart had a tendency to stay up late and while in the middle of making a sandwich for lunch, he gradually became aware something had changed as he blanked out for a moment. He felt shorter, younger, and there was less hair on his chin. His hair was still down, but he soon fixed that. After enough time, things started to catch up with him. All the horrible things he said, did, and thought... they were firmly in his mind. Maybe it wasn't really him who did all that stuff, but he remembered it like it was.

He spends a few hours not even sleeping, just going over everything he could remember, His first priority was his sister. After quietly peeking in on her, he could see she was back to her old self. They really, really needed to talk. But for now, he takes out his journal and writes out a message.]

I'm back to my old self. To anyone I talked to this last week, I'm sorry for everything. It wasn't me, it was... someone else. Kind of. Especially you, Winry.

[Of course, writing that in the middle of the night likely won't get noticed until the morning. By that time, Sokka will be on the roof of his house, temporarily covering up the damage left there by a certain incident yesterday. It's a good excuse for not having to face what happened the last week.]
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[Today was just an average day for the Avatar house... or was it? No, it wasn't just because Winry and her housemates were still there. No, something far more ominous was going on. But hopefully the plumbing would work itself out later. On the other hand, Sokka woke up the same way he ever did. He threw on his clothes, parted his hair, and headed into the kitchen to make some breakfast. After bending the last of the milk out into his bowl of cereal, he sat down to eat, casually stroking his beard every now and then. Was he really the first one up? That was... really unusual.

Later on in the day, after his housemates have gotten a taste of the new Sokka, he'll hit up the town because frankly they've all changed in weird and strange ways. He's not sure why, but going to the smithy would make him feel better. Especially since it seems to be putting itself back together, despite the mess on the floor. Well, he is in charge of the place. Maybe he should get some orders for his two top employees. He makes a voice post on his journal.]

Looks like things are kind of getting back to normal, aside from some... admittedly freaky things going on. But hey! The smithy should be operational, just as soon as my workers get in. In a few days, we should be able to start taking orders again. Let me know what you need and I'll pass it on.

((ooc: In this AU, Sokka is the Avatar of his world. Details here. Longshot and Jet are also from this universe! Most notably, Sokka can now bend the elements, has facial hair, and is two years older at 18 (making him about 5'11, three inches taller than before). He also doesn't carry a single weapon on him. Weeeeeird. Final note! If I switch back to a regular Sokka icon, just imagine it with long hair and beard. Sometimes I gotta be expressive, man.))
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[Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Nothing like being a real ladies man in a Barbie world. See, even with the sky looking hellish and like the end of the world, life goes on. Which meant he had gone out to go check on things. That had been the plan. He had, instead, found himself being chased by some vicious looking rabbits with axes. After realizing he couldn't escape them, he had been forced to fight them off blow to blow until they were dead. Tragically, being a cartoon character, he didn't even get any experience points for it. He did find a nifty uniform... and a statue of a peeing boy after finishing them off. In the end, he took a moment to put the costume over the naked statue's indignity and carried on. At which point he was hit in the head by a flying squirrel out of nowhere. He is unknowingly left with a red balloon attached to his head.

Attempting to traverse back to the village left him facing far deadlier skeletons armed with weapons. After making sure they weren't Brook's long lost relatives, he was forced to fight off what he could, discovering they were particularly vulnerable to Eferin's fire. Useful to know. What wasn't useful was when he was forced to start running away... and ran into a cold, frozen wall. Or rather, after he was on the ground looking up, he realized it was actually the leg of one tall, frozen lady. Sure, she was over twice his height, but she had to be reasonable, right? She had that sort of reasonable look about her, after all.

At the same time, he ends up dropping his journal, which opens and records as he tries to reason with this giant frozen lady.]

Hey, hey lady. You gotta get out of here. There's all kinds of crazy stuff out there. Giant spiders, walking skeletons, and I think I saw a menacing looking squirrel in a cape. So you better- hey! HEY! [There's the sound of stumbling as he avoids getting hit by a blast of ice.] Was that really necessary? I was just trying to warn you that- [And again! Sokka isn't so lucky this time, getting his leg frozen in place. A blast of fire fixes that.] That was just uncalled for. [At this point, he trips over the journal, turning it off. He'll answer it once he's dealt with this icy bitch.

... hours later, he'll be returning home with new friends in tow. Can he keep them, Katara?

ooc: feel free to run into him at any point. He'll reply to anyone on the journals once things are settled down for him.]
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[Nothing like peaceful summer days after bloody warfare. After having to avoid being killed by a giant rampaging reindeer the day before, Sokka has been a little slow starting the day since he was returned, opting to simply collapse in bed there and more or less die there. Village or not, he was rather attached to his bed. The one in the hotel while comfortable, was way too big. It's not until well past noon he decides to return to the world at large. This means he needs to go see people. His first stop will be the check on Raphael, which means a visit to Donatello. He unfortunately got the worst of it.

Second is a visit to Winry. He'll try her house first (it is a Sunday), then check the smithy failing that, which means he'll be able to see Edward too. Having already spoken to Brook about Chopper, he can bypass a trip to the Straw Hats and goes looking for San... for a few hours at least. Eventually he'll head down to the river to check his canoes. While he's down there, he leave a simple voice message on his journal for everyone else.]

So, what did I miss?
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[Shortly after the draft meeting, Sokka has been hanging out inside, pouring over the recon information Albert had provided a month prior, and matching it up with what Caesar had gone over. He wasn't the designated leader of his team, not really. There was possibly more qualified people for that. Brook and Erza came to mind, for that. Still, he could work on their own strategy. Their best defensive position would be the river. They just had to get there. Maybe... it wouldn't hurt to go talk to the people he'd be working with. If he can't stop them after they leave the meeting, he'll be going to the homes of any of his soon-to-be comrades. Well, assuming he knows where they live, at least. "Team A", huh.

... heh. Kind of like Team Avatar. Only without the Avatar.

Afterward, he figures it wouldn't hurt to make a few more stops. Since seeing Brook, Usopp and Chopper already necessitated a trip to the Straw Hats, he'll be making some quick stops at Mayoi's, Winry's, Xion's, and even Edward's. Lastly he'll even hit up Paru, since they are neighbors, after all. Of course, who's to say the people Sokka's looking for will actually answer the door and not someone else? No one, that's who! Once he's done making his rounds, time consuming as they are, he'll be spending the rest of his evening on his front porch, reviewing the plans. Silverbergs. Jeez.]

((tl;dr version: Sokka is all over the place. Do as you will.))


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